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My name is Kristin Crawford. I shoot, edit, design, and produce multimedia projects. My current focus is on interactive media and storytelling. Oh, and I dabble in web and graphic design as well.

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Film Showreel

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Motion Graphics Showreel

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Graphic Design Portfolio

  • Photography and design concept for vegetarian restaurant.
  • Student showcase poster design and photography.
  • Branding for multicamera tv variety show.

  • Cookbook cover design.
  • Poster for award winning lipdub.
  • Poster for fire department PSAs.

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"It's dangerous business going out your front door."

-J.R.R. Tolkien

"I have no special talent
I am only passionately curious."

-Albert Einstein

"If you're making mistakes
it means you're out there doing something."

-Neil Gaiman

"I may not have gone where I intended to go,
but I think I've ended up where I needed to be."

-Douglas Adams

A little bit about Kristin...

Nomad, dog lover, cupcake baker.

Professionaly I'm a videographer with motion graphic, web design, and graphic design skills. I love the methods and the act of storytelling and have specific interest in interactive digital storytelling through multimedia. Sometimes I blog about these things or just life in general over here.

I'm curious about a lot and easily entertained and will find almost endless joy from people watching. I like to bake, travel, and do yarn crafts in my spare time.

I've recently completed a year photo-a-day from my time studying for my masters in Dublin over at my instagram account. Check out my other links below on the page and give me a follow if you'd like!


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